Real View Mirror Holiday Special 2015

Real View Mirror Christmas Variety Programme

Merry Christmas! In this, the second annual Real View Mirror Holiday Special, Joe and Naaim are forced by producer Bryce Castillo to put on a Variety Show! Join them and a cast of characters as they scramble to put on the perfect variety show in time to air!


Jose Cuevas as Himself

Naaim Siddiqi as Himself, Sal

Nick Appelbaum as Himself

Dan Matthews as Himself/Tom Riddler

Jimmy Faseler as Himself

Colton Clayton as Himself

Bailey as Himself

Mitchell Eisenberg as Himself

Andrew Goetz as Beastbass

Lex as Nighthawk

Tyler Burch as Himself

Chris Healy as T-Bone

Saint Dennis as Himself

Mike Flinn as Himself

Brandan West as Himself

Luke as Bishop

Covane as Vega

With Frankie Mateo as Himself/Narrator

And Bryce Castillo as Himself

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