Real View Mirror Holiday Special 2014

Real View Christmas: Murder on the Slopes of Utah

Joyous Kwanzaa! In this very special episode of Real View Mirror, something is afoot in the Rocky Mountains. It is up to Joe to solve a mysterious string of murders surrounding a skiing retreat hosted by Naaim (AKA Kuhan). Join them and a zany cast of characters for a festive holiday romp through the snow!


Jose Cuevas as Himself and Joey C

Naaim Siddiqi as Himself, Caleb (as Mr. Popo), Barry Obams, Stan Lee, Kal Penn, MC Sangoku, and Barry Allen

Nick Appelbaum as Himself

Anne Jennings as Herself

Sal as Himself

Colton Clayton as Himself and DJ Northstar

Neji as Himself

Shannon Sifrig as Herself

Charlie and Kaitlin as the Carol Corps

Zackery Allen Brinkley as Himself

Roberto Villegas as Himself

Brian Brushwood as Himself

Justin Robert Young as Himself

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