Ethan Daniels Memorial Movie Draft Minute Week 2

Ethan Daniels Memorial Movie Draft Minute Week 2

At Week 2, Kuhan pulls to first, with Paul Blart 2 by itself doing more than Joe’s film has done these past two weeks.


  1. Kuhan – Team Kuhan – $39.6 Million
  2. Joe – Team Sparkletown – $23.6 Million
  3. Everybody Else – $0
    • Nick – Team GET TO DA CHOPPA
    • Mike – Team Mad Termageist
    • Brandan – Team Avenging Teddy Bears
    • Saint – Team Doin’ It All For My Baby

The Ethan Daniels Memorial Movie Draft Minute is hosted by Lex and produced by Joe Cuevas. Music for this episode was “Keep it Going” by TheSwagger. Follow the Draft in Real View Time at, or on twitter at #RVMMovieDraft!

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