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RVM April Fool’s – D2: The Mighty Ducks

APRIL FOOL’S! D2: The Mighty Ducks is Joe’s third favorite hockey movie. In this episode, Joe and Naaim discuss the movie under the pretense of doing a hockey podcast–which might actually come to fruition? We’ll talk about it at the shareholder’s meeting.

Real View Mirror Holiday Special 2015

Real View Mirror Christmas Variety Programme

Merry Christmas! In this, the second annual Real View Mirror Holiday Special, Joe and Naaim are forced by producer Bryce Castillo to put on a Variety Show! Join them and a cast of characters as they scramble to put on the perfect variety show in time to air!

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Episode #007 – 2015 Summer Movie Draft

Episode #007

It’s Fantasy Baseball Season! As such, the boys get together and decide to draft…summer movies. Our always hosts Kuhan and Joe are joined by Nick Appelbaum (of Podcast for a Rain Delay Fame) as well as Brandan West (of Green Lantern Corps Cast), Saint (of a defunct podcast Kuhan used to do), and Mike (of the same defunct podcast). Who will get Age of Ultron? Will he get any other films? Will the drafters horrendously overpay for basically everything? And of course, the biggest question: WHO WILL WIN? No idea. Season doesn’t end until September.

Special thanks to t2t2 and! Follow the draft at

The Opening Theme of Real View Mirror is “Keep It Going” by TheSwagger

The Ending Theme (and Bumper Music) for this episode is “Once Around” by NESH COMPLEX

Real View Rain Delay WonderCon/TableTop Day Special 2015

Real View Rain Delay: Superfight

In this very confusing episode of Real View Mirror, Joe and Nick (of Podcast for a Rain Delay fame) play a game of SuperFight just outside of WonderCon Anaheim. They supposedly discuss the merits of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, and almost definitely plug International TableTop Day at some point.

Real View Mirror Holiday Special 2014

Real View Christmas: Murder on the Slopes of Utah

Joyous Kwanzaa! In this very special episode of Real View Mirror, something is afoot in the Rocky Mountains. It is up to Joe to solve a mysterious string of murders surrounding a skiing retreat hosted by Naaim (AKA Kuhan). Join them and a zany cast of characters for a festive holiday romp through the snow!

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